Professional Licensure

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Approved Pathway*

American College of Education offers a wide variety of programs that are approved in the following states to lead to initial teacher or principal licensure/certification or the addition of content areas to an existing license or certificate.

Graduates may still need to satisfy additional state licensure requirements such as years of experience in a prior or current position, additional coursework, internship hours, content test passage, or additional training such as CPR certification, as applicable.

Please refer to the map below for additional approved pathway information.

Out-of-State Pathway*

Graduates interested in pursuing certification in states other than above may still be able to receive teacher or principal certification or endorsement, if their state is a participant in an inter-state reciprocity agreement or has established reciprocity rules.

Graduates may also be able to apply to their state for certification as an out-of-state graduate of an CAEP accredited program. or an out-of-state DOE approved program. ACE teacher and principal educator preparation programs are CAEP accredited and approved by the Indiana State Department of Education.

Prospective students are strongly advised to confirm the benefit(s) or available out-of-state pathway for which they may be eligible with their Department of Education, prior to enrolling in an American College of Education degree or certificate program.

Please select a state on the map below for additional information.

*While ACE makes every reasonable effort to remain abreast of state licensure or upgrade requirements, the College neither implies nor guarantees that the completion of an ACE degree or certificate program, will result in eligibility for licensure, certification, endorsement, salary increase, certificate content/level upgrade or related employment benefit in any state. 

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