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Financial awards to help you advance your career.

Educational Funds for ACE Students

You can receive part of the more than $2.5M in grants and scholarships we award each year on top of our already affordable tuition. Our mission is to provide high-quality education at an affordable price, and we offer scholarships and grants to meet your needs.

To apply for a scholarship or grant, please complete your online application and then submit your scholarship or grant application using MyACE Portal.

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*All values include library and technology, application, conferral, dissertation, or student teaching fees as applicable to the program selected.

*All values provided are estimates and are inclusive of applicable program fees. Your total cost may vary depending on the number of transfer credits applied, satisfactory completion of program credit hours, the receipt of additional scholarship or grant amounts, and adjustments to tuition or fees as described in the Catalog Right to Modify Tuition section.

Scholarships and Grants

Partnership Grant

Who Can Apply

Open to employees of over 2,000 school districts, hospitals, or businesses that have a partnership with ACE. 

Grant Information

You’ll receive a percentage off your tuition.* For more details on the percent discount you could receive, visit our partnership page or contact an Enrollment Counselor at 1-800-280-0307, option 2. 

*RN to BSN students are excluded from this grant.

Board of Trustees and General Scholarships

Who Can Apply

Open to new and current students in degree or certificate programs. 

Scholarship Information

Each term, ACE offers seven $500 Board of Trustee scholarships and five $500 general scholarships.

ACE Foundation Scholarship

Who Can Apply

Open to students who:

  • Are in Good Standing at ACE
  • Have completed at least three courses at ACE and have at least two courses remaining
  • Have applied for the scholarship at TechForce.org

Scholarship Information

This $1,000 need-based scholarship is administered by TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  Scholarships are awarded on the second Friday of each month and will be applied to the next regular term start.

For more information, visit the ACE Foundation Scholarship page. Application instructions can be  found here. If you have any questions, email the TechForce Foundation at  [email protected].

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward Memorial Scholarship

Who Can Apply

Open to graduates of an ACE master’s degree program who are returning for an ACE doctoral degree. 

Scholarship Information

Awarded annually, this scholarship grants one ACE master’s degree graduate half off their tuition toward an ACE doctoral degree. Applications for this scholarship are currently open. The application will close on July 8, 2024.

Alumni Continuing Education Grant

Who Can Apply

Open to students who have completed an ACE micro-credential, certificate or degree program.

Grant Information

You’ll receive a 5% tuition reduction grant on your next ACE program.* Alumni who qualify must claim their grant before they begin the first term of their next program.** 

Please contact an enrollment counselor at 1-800-280-0307, option 2 for more information or to claim your grant.

**RN to BSN students are excluded from this grant.

Educator Grant

Who Can Apply

Open to new students who are applicants to the following programs: 

  • M.A. in Elementary Teaching
  • M.A. in Secondary Teaching
  • Certificate in Transition to Teaching in Elementary Education
  • Certificate in Transition to Teaching in Secondary Education

Grant Information

You’ll receive a 15% tuition reduction grant, which will be applied on a pro-rated basis starting the first term of your program. 

BSN to MSN New Student Grant

Who Can Apply

Open to new students to the BSN to MSN program.* Graduates of ACE’s RN to BSN program are not eligible for this grant, as they receive transfer credits to lower their BSN to MSN costs. 

Grant Information

You’ll receive $135 per credit, applied directly to your tuition on a pro-rated basis over each term of your program. 

*RN to BSN applicants and students are not eligible for this grant

Military Support Grant

Who Can Apply

Open to eligible members of the military (active, retired or veteran) and their spouses. 

Grant Information

You’ll receive a 5% tuition reduction grant, which will be applied on a pro-rated basis starting the first term of your program.* Students must provide evidence of eligibility and remain continuously enrolled in their ACE program. 

*RN to BSN students are excluded from this grant.

Disclaimer: Unless specified above, both Scholarship and Grant awards are applied to tuition only and are disbursed pro-rata per term. Students will be responsible for paying all fees, the remaining program tuition costs not covered by the grant or scholarship, and any additional costs associated with the program selected. Scholarship and Grant Awards have no cash value. Course retakes are excluded. 

Should grant or scholarship recipients fail to: (a) begin their program, (b) withdraw, or (c) be administratively withdrawn from American College Education, recipients may forfeit all future disbursements of an award regardless of whether they reenter or are readmitted to the program. 

Financial Award Information


To apply for a scholarship, please go to your MyACE Portal. You will gain access to the MyACE Portal upon completion of your online application.


You could be eligible for multiple grants or scholarships. If you need more information about financial award opportunities, please contact Student Services [email protected].


You can maintain your scholarship eligibility by continuing your program and remaining in good standing. A full list of eligibility requirements can be accessed in the scholarship application in the MyACE Portal.

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