M.Ed. in STEM Education



    30 Jan, 2023

    15 Months



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M.Ed. in STEM Education

Designed in conjunction with the National Institute for STEM Education, this program provides a holistic and integrated approach to science education. You’ll learn to develop testable questions, establish variables and controls, select data collection methods, and use tools to test hypotheses. Through systematic problem solving and evidence-based strategies, you’ll help K-16 students become leaders in a technical world. See why American College of Education was named among the best in the EdTech Cool Tool Awards, the largest recognition program in education technology.

As part of your coursework, you’ll complete the National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST) with the National Institute of STEM Education (NISE). The NCST transfers into ACE as two courses, SCI5243** and SCI5263**, needed for degree completion. To ensure program progression, you must complete the NCST prior to the end of your final term/course at ACE.**

Why ACE?

Quality You Expect

Our accredited programs are designed for working professionals who want a quality education. We’re committed to delivering high-quality, affordable and accessible online programs grounded in evidence-based content and relevant application.

Low Cost You Deserve

Are you employed by one of our partners? Did you graduate from an HBCU? Are you an inner-city teacher, a military veteran, a first-generation graduate student or an aspiring administrator? If so, you could be eligible for some of the $2.5M of scholarships and grants we provide in addition to our already low-cost programs.

Flexibility You Need

If you have graduate credits from another university or institution, you may be able to transfer these credits to fulfill ACE program requirements. Our Enrollment Counselors can help you evaluate your options. Also, our 24/7 support resources are here to help you complete your program and achieve your goals.


We believe in full transparency with our total cost of attendance. No hidden fees. No surprises along the way.

Total Cost M.Ed. in STEM Education

Total Tuition

25 semester credits x $235 per credit



$50 Application Fee
$100 Conferral Fee
$1000 Technology and Library Fee
(25 Semester Credits X $40 per Credit)


Total Program Cost


Find a plan that fits your budget.

Find a plan that fits your budget.

Western Governors University
Walden University
Purdue Global
University of Phoenix
Grand Canyon University
Southern New Hampshire University

Program Details


Focus of Study

Start Dates

With flexible start dates, you can begin your program when it’s best for you.

30 Jan, 2023 Term

30 Jan, 2023

Term Start

03 Feb, 2023

Unregister/Cancel Deadline

12 Mar, 2023

Term End

20 Feb, 2023 Term

10 Apr, 2023 Term

22 May, 2023 Term

12 Jun, 2023 Term

10 Jul, 2023 Term

21 Aug, 2023 Term

11 Sep, 2023 Term

02 Oct, 2023 Term

13 Nov, 2023 Term


Here are just some of the courses you’ll take when working towards this degree. Visit the College Catalog to see all courses.


Assessment Strategies

3 Semester Credits


Principles of Integration

3 Semester Credits


Research Methods

3 Semester Credits


Capstone Experience for STEM Education

1 Semester Credits


Foundations of Integrated Science Education

3 Semester Credits


Engaging Diversity in the Science Classroom

3 Semester Credits


Modern Learning and Integrated Science Education

3 Semester Credits


Inventing and Reinventing Mathematics and Science Curriculum

3 Semester Credits


Creating an Environment for STEM Learning

3 Semester Credits


Building Scientific Understanding in Students

3 Semester Credits


Applied Science and Engineering Practices

3 Semester Credits

Admission Requirements

ACE General Admission Requirements

International Transcript Requirements

English as a Second Language Applicants

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