American College of Education Transfer Benefits for LETRS® Completers

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Transcript Option

LETRS® coursework transcribed
for graduate credits

American College of Education provides transcript evaluation and issuance to LETRS® course completers.

  • Complete the Transcript Review Request form
  • Receive 3 graduate credits for each LETRS course (comprising two units or entire LETRS® Early Childhood Program) completed with 80% mastery or above
  • Pay a fee of $100 per course
  • If you have specific questions please call 844-276-9476

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Apply LETRS® coursework towards
a degree at ACE

For new applicants to ACE, our enrollment counselors are ready to answer your questions and help you begin the transfer process right away. Choose which way works best for you:

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  • Visit to contact an enrollment counselor via Live Chat
  • Call 800-280-0307, Option 2 to speak to an enrollment counselor about enrolling at ACE
LETRS® Foundations – Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling Units
  LETRS® Units 1 & 2 LETRS® Units 3 & 4 LETRS® Units 5 & 6 LETRS® Units 7 & 8
Transcripted Graduate Credits
Credits annotated as TR with no grade
LIT5343 LIT5333 LIT5323 LIT5203
M.Ed. in Literacy LIT5343 LIT5333 LIT5323 LIT5203
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction LIT5163 LIT5173 LIT5153 LIT5203
M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum LIT5343 LIT5333 LIT5323 LIT5203
Ed.D. in Literacy or General Track LIT6013 LIT6033 LIT6043 LIT6053
LETRS® Early Childhood Professional Development
Transcripted Graduate Credits
Credits annotated as TR with no grade
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction EC5403 – General Track Focus of Study
M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum EC5403 -General Track Focus of Study

*LETRS® coursework will be annotated as TR on transcription of credits. Individuals are encouraged to confirm transferability to another academic institution prior to requesting transcription from ACE.

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