Prior Credit Evaluation Policy

As a college that serves the adult learner, American College of Education is committed to the acceptance of prior postsecondary education credits from other institutions, from prior enrollments at ACE, or from assessment of prior learning through work, life, or military experiences assessed by a nationally recognized credit recommender or exam, outlined in the prior learning section of this policy. The college evaluates applicants or students credit transfer requests using the Prior Credit Considerations Grid and will award credits accordingly. 

The college may grant transfer credit or credit fulfillment for all ACE courses except for dedicated first courses, capstone courses, student teaching or field experience courses, and dissertation courses. For credit to be awarded, the course requested must be equivalent to the requested ACE course or requirement in credit hour length, course content, and grade-level equivalency.  

Prior Learning Considerations: The institution may award no more than 50% of total credits required for the program based on a student’s prior learning as documented by a credit recommender (i.e. National College Credit Recommendation Service or American Council on Education Credit Network) or through experience evaluated by recognized exams (i.e. CLEP, Dantes). 

If a student does leave ACE for any reason, a new evaluation of credit transfers would be needed to ensure compliance with the policy upon the student’s return.

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