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With Micro-credentials

Fitting a full degree program into a busy lifestyle can be difficult. That’s why we offer small but powerful micro-credentials that can be stacked to future degrees or certificates. 

One of our most affordable options, micro-credentials give you endless possibilities. Whether you want to work towards a degree, start learning a new skill, stay current in your field or take single courses, micro-credentials let you move at your own pace.

What Is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a shorter program of study consisting of three or four narrowly focused courses. You will earn a digital badge and receive official credit on your transcript.

Micro-credentials allow you to develop skills in your field and connect them to future certificates and degrees. Our stackable courses and micro-credentials are changing the model of higher education and giving you control over your educational journey.

How Do Micro-credentials Work?

Micro-credentials allow you to build your own educational pathway at a low cost.

You can receive a micro-credential after taking a set of three to four courses. Two micro-credentials can amount to a certificate. A certificate paired with additional courses can advance to a master’s degree. The possibilities are endless.

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Micro-credential Admission

For students taking micro-credentials, requirements will depend on the degree level of the program. Students must meet ACE’s general admission requirements and be admitted to the college before signing up for a stand-alone class.

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