ACE President Leads Discussion on the Future of Higher Education with Corporate Leaders


June 02, 2022

Christine Dickson

Christine Dickson

Content Marketing Manager

As higher education continues to grow more expensive and student debt continues to increase, leaders within nearly every industry are recognizing that something needs to change. As a passionate advocate for innovation in higher education, American College of Education President Dr. Shawntel Landry recently facilitated a roundtable discussion with executives in banking, retail, hospitality and healthcare focused on why higher education needs to change and how it can do so to better serve today’s students and professionals. 

Dr. Landry spoke about a paradigm shift that needs to occur in higher education, in which all earned education is recognized as valuable, not just the education earned through academic credit. This gap between formal academic credit and employees’ learned skills or training was identified by several other leaders as well. 

“I envision a future where all of a student’s learning is articulated and compiled into the most efficient and effective pathway toward a credential,” said Dr. Landry. This goal is something American College of Education is already striving toward, with many of its non-degree programs purposefully designed to stack toward advanced degrees if and when a student is ready to pursue one, allowing them to earn a full degree in less time and for less money. ACE also has generous transfer credit policies, allowing students to retain as many previously earned credits as possible. 

This speaks to ACE’s commitment to not just provide more accessible educational pathways for students, but also to make higher education opportunities more affordable, especially with student loan debt increasing in the United States. 

Read more about the roundtable discussion led by Dr. Landry here

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