ACE Launches Two New Master’s Programs in Education and Healthcare


November 17, 2021

Christine Dickson

Christine Dickson

Content Marketing Manager

INDIANAPOLIS — American College of Education announced today it is adding two new master’s-level programs, the M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training and M.S. in Health Informatics, to its ever-growing list of graduate offerings.

The M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training is designed for corporate trainers, managers, volunteer organizers and other professionals seeking to teach professional development and training. Focusing on learning technology tools, students will learn to identify adult learning needs, develop training materials for adult learners, and assess adult training efficacy to meet career advancement or workforce development goals. The M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training costs an industry-low $8,675 and can be completed in 15 months.

The M.S. in Health Informatics will prepare students for careers in the growing and essential field of health informatics. The program applies data science to healthcare to enhance decision making and improve patient health outcomes. Students in this innovative program will learn to design, implement, and evaluate informatics solutions to complex challenges facing health organizations today. The M.S. in Health Informatics costs $9,225 and can be completed in 16 months.

“These two new master’s programs reflect our commitment to innovative, accessible higher education,” said ACE President Dr. Shawntel Landry. “Graduates from these programs will be able to advance their careers in expanding and crucial fields. We’re proud to put forward two more challenging programs at costs students can afford.”

Students will be able to enroll in both programs starting November 15, 2021. The M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training will begin with the February 21, 2022, term, and the M.S. in Health Informatics will begin with the April 11, 2022, term. Learn more about the M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training and M.S. in Health Informatics.

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