ACE announces new program offerings for January 2018


December 01, 2017

Megan Espinal

Marketing Manager

ACE is pleased to announce new program offerings for January 2018! Students will now have access to a new certificate program, and two new dual degree programs for the Integrated Curriculum and STEM master’s programs. These programs will begin accepting students immediately, with the first cohorts to sit January 8, 2018.

The Certificate in Teacher Leadership provides students with skills in assessment, motivation, learning theory, and instructional strategies to empower others, make a positive impact, and support senior level leadership in professional development.

We’re also pleased to increase our dual degree offerings. Dual degree programs allow students to earn two consecutive master’s degrees with the addition of six to ten courses on top of their primary degree program.

Beginning in January, graduates of the Integrated Curriculum program can now take an additional 22 semester credits to earn an M.Ed. in STEM Leadership. Even better, students whose Integrated Curriculum degree included a Mathematics and Science Focus of Study will only need to complete 10 semester credits to earn the M.Ed. in STEM Leadership.

Graduates of the STEM Leadership program can now take an additional 22 semester credits–8 courses including a capstone–to earn an M.Ed. in STEM Leadership.

If you are a graduate of American College of Education and are interested in these new offerings, don’t forget about the Continuing Education Grant, which can help reduce the cost of an additional ACE program.

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