ACE Announces New Graduate Special Education Program


February 25, 2019

Mike Cook

Mike Cook

Director of Marketing Operations

American College of Education is excited to announce the launch of a new degree program at the master’s level. As of today, ACE is accepting applications to the M.Ed. in Special Education program. Students will begin taking courses for the program in May 2019.  
The M.Ed. in Special Education is designed to provide licensed special education teachers with research-based methods to meet the needs of students with exceptional learners in current educational settings. Visit the program page for more information. 

“This degree allows current special education professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills to support exceptional learners,” says Tiffany Hamlett, Ph.D., chair of the Teaching and Learning Department at ACE. “It also allows students in the program to select courses that meet their professional goals and the needs of their specific student population.” 

ACE’s M.Ed. in Special Education program offers three concentrations. The Differentiated Instruction focus recognizes how the mental landscape of current learners has been shaped by multimedia, changing how they think and reason when learning. The Early Childhood Education focus helps students build skills in research regarding young exceptional learners. Finally, the General Special Education focus prepares participants to enhance their knowledge and skills to work collaboratively with diverse and struggling learners. 

If you’re interested in applying for the program, please contact the enrollment team at (800) 280-0307 option 2, or chat online now. 

If you’re a graduate of ACE and you’re interested in returning to ACE, talk to our enrollment team today about the Continuing Education Grant, which can help reduce the cost of your next ACE program.

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