Using My Education Degree Outside of the Classroom

August 25, 2020

Amy Vaughan-Roland, Ed.D.

Ed.D. in Leadership

Many people enroll at American College of Education because they want to be a change-maker in education. I’m here to tell you you’re in the right place. Each and every one of those classes and discussions is preparing you to engage with your learning community in new and different ways. If you follow your convictions and live the truths of a teacher’s heart, this will be a very empowering journey. ACE helps you reach your educational best and build relationships with other educational change-makers like you.

Because of the solid foundation in education I had thanks to both my ACE master’s degree and the ACE doctoral program I’m currently in, I decided to take a leap of faith last year and resign from my district teaching position. As you can imagine, this was a huge decision but it was one I made to follow my passions and my instincts.

One driving factor was my realization that my community needed my teaching skills. I live and work on my family’s dairy farm, so I decided to use my knowledge in this area to become a farm-based community educator. Working with local agritourism, I have developed a curriculum for hands-on adult learning classes.

I am also providing academic tutoring and supporting families with academic questions and concerns. I gain tutoring students mostly through word of mouth and social media, and work one day a week out of a local church office. I love that I’m engaging with students in my community and supporting them while their school buildings are closed. Especially now, there need to be places for students to learn and grow. As an experienced educator with a solid foundation in educational principles and how kids learn, I’m able to be creative and effective in the ways I teach my tutoring students outside of the brick and mortar classroom.

While walking away from my district teaching role was a scary step to take, my heart has never been more full. I truly feel that the sky is the limit with what you can do with a teaching degree and background. ACE asks us to challenge the status quo, think of education with a global lens, empowers us to be self-starters and, most importantly, self-finishers of higher education. And I feel excited that I get to take this mentality into my community and continue to be a passionate educator.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of American College of Education.
Amy Vaughan-Roland, Ed.D.
Amy Vaughan-Roland, Ed.D., Ed.D. in Leadership

Amy has a strong passion for educating all learners and has over 12 years of experience in special education. She works on her family's dairy farm and is currently a doctoral candidate.

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