4 Books That Will Inspire the Leader in You

May 06, 2019

Stephanie Machado

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Coming up on the end of the school year, summer vacation is on the horizon. But even as the lesson planning and grading winds down, thoughts about the future wind up. Whether you’re thinking about stepping into a leadership position or just want to keep up on your professional development, these great reads provide plenty of perspective and inspiration. Pick up one of these books to add to your growth as a strong leader or as a gift for other aspiring leaders in your life.

1. “Lead Like a Pirate” – Shelley Burgess

Breaking down what it takes to be a PIRATE leader, this book dives right into leadership in the school system. One of the best things it says is that your staff should be banging down the doors to get in instead of banging down the doors to get out. It offers tips that you can use in your school to make the culture and overall successes greater.

2. “The Art of People” – Dave Kerpen

This book offers a unique perspective on how to influence those around you and make connections. It includes an Enneagram quiz to help you better understand your personality. The chapters are broken into action steps that you can do immediately, intertwined with real life examples of how to do it.

3. “Dare to Lead” – Brene Brown

If you are sharpening your leadership skills, this one is for you. It breaks strong leadership into four skill sets that are easily taught. It dives into what real, day-to-day leading looks like and how to handle tough situations. Using relatable scenarios and easy-to-follow steps, this is an easy but impactful read.

4. “The Compound Effect” – Darren Hardy

“The Compound Effect” is a book that reminds you you are in total control of your life. It breaks down things we all do that seem meaningless but leave a strong impact. It is a great read if you are looking to reflect on things you’ve been through and want to working on improving yourself.

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Stephanie Machado
Stephanie Machado, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Stephanie is an instructional coach living in Florida. She's also an avid reader, wannabe chef, and lifestyle blogger.

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