ACE transfer benefits for LETRS®completers 

ACE partners with LETRS® to provide completers of LETRS® and the LETRS® Early Childhood Program options to receive graduate credit for completed coursework.

  • Degree pathway option. Utilize your hard-earned coursework to receive up to 12 credits when you enroll in a program at ACE.
  • Graduate transcription option. Request an ACE transcript for completed LETRS® coursework.
  • ACE commitment. As an accredited institution, ACE offers fully online, quality education at an industry-low price.
  • Programs designed with you in mind. With frequent term starts, ACE makes it easy to plan your coursework around your life.

Request your ACE transcript for completed LETRS® course(s).

Receive 3 graduate credits for each LETRS® course (comprised of 2 units) or the entire LETRS® Early Childhood Program, when completed with > 80% mastery. Once your request is submitted:

  1. We will verify the units you’ve completed with LETRS®
  2. Once verified, send you directions for payment – $100 fee per course/3 graduate credits
  3. When payment is received, we will issue you a digital transcript

Please note: graduate credit for LETRS® courses is annotated as TR with no grade listed on the transcript. Allow five (5) business days for processing.

If you have specific questions regarding the transcript process, please call 844-276-9476.

Apply LETRS® courses towards an advanced degree with ACE

Apply LETRS® coursework towards a degree at ACE. See the below pathway options to learn more about how to receive up to 12 transfer credit hours, saving you money and time in completing an advanced degree at ACE. Contact an enrollment counselor via Live Chat at ace.edu, call (800) 280-0307, or use the Request Info button below. Take the next step to advance your career today!

Credit Pathways to an Advanced Degree with ACE & LETRS®

LETRS® Foundations – Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling Units
  LETRS® Units 1 & 2 LETRS® Units 3 & 4 LETRS® Units 5 & 6 LETRS® Units 7 & 8
M.Ed. in Literacy LIT5342 LIT5333 LIT5323 LIT5203
M.Ed. in Advanced Studies LE-LIT5343 LE-LIT5333 LE-LIT5323 LE-LIT5203
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction LE-LIT5163 LE-LIT5173 LE-LIT5153 LE-LIT5203
M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum LE-LIT5343 LE-LIT5333 LE-LIT5323 LE-LIT6053
Ed.D. in Literacy or General Track LE-LIT6013 LE-LIT6033 LE-LIT6043 LE-LIT6053
LETRS® Early Childhood Professional Development
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction LE-EC5403 – General Track Focus of Study
M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum LE-EC5403 – General Track Focus of Study

Why Transfer to ACE?

Completion Time

Our accelerated degree completion programs will help get you there faster.


Most if not all successfully completed eligible credits from regionally accredited colleges transfer to ACE.


Our high-quality programs are created with your budget in mind. Get the top-tier instruction you deserve without the financial worry you’d expect.

Tera White

Tera White

M.Ed. in STEM Education

“I can complete my master’s degree 100% online with no need to visit the campus. As a wife, mother of two, teacher, and student, this works for me. The courses are ready when I’m ready! All I need is the internet and a smart device.”

Shalom Klein

Shalom Klein

Ed.D. in Leadership

“As an officer in the US Army, I was working on my doctorate while juggling responsibilities, training and preparing for a one-year deployment. ACE’s faculty and administration supported and accommodated my every step of the journey.”

Olivia Hallac

Olivia Hallac

M.Ed. in STEM Education

“I enjoyed my experience at ACE. Small class sizes, supportive Professors and the ease of the online community made the experience a nice one. Classes were affordable and I liked the easy going process of registration throughout my time. I’m happy that I chose American College of Education.”

Jospeh Doyle

Jospeh Doyle

M.Ed. in Teaching English Learners

“My favorite thing about ACE is the affordability, knowledge gained, and opportunity to implement what I learned throughout my time as an ACE student and now, as an alumni.”

Awards and Recognition for ACE and Our Programs

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