American College of Education Expands Program Accessibility for Business Professionals through ZSchool Partnership


October 24, 2023

Kaley Laquea

Kaley Laquea

ZSchool completers can now seamlessly transfer earned credits to an ACE program

INDIANAPOLIS — October 25, 2023 — American College of Education ® (ACE) has partnered with Zschool, an online education provider who collaborates with leading universities and organizations to facilitate executive and business education. Completers of ZSchool programs can now seamlessly apply their eligible credits to an ACE certificate or master’s program.

ZSchool is aligned with ACE’s mission to equip business professionals with the skills needed for career advancement that generates a return on investment. Both organizations combine the academic rigor of higher education with real-world practicality.

“We’re excited for the opportunities this partnership will provide for business professionals nationwide,” ACE President and CEO Geordie Hyland said. “Our relationship with ZSchool enables us to support high-profile organizations and open networking pathways for recent graduates and working professionals.”

“ACE is a trusted provider for a wide range of affordable degree programs, and we’re thrilled at the educational and professional possibilities this presents for our completers,” ZSchool Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Sarit Levy added. “The partnership enables more business professionals to see their goal of career advancement come to fruition at an affordable cost.”

About American College of Education

American College of Education (ACE) is an accredited, 100% online college specializing in high-quality, affordable programs in education, business, leadership, healthcare and nursing.  ACE is ranked #2 on Newsweek’s 2023 top online colleges list. Headquartered in Indianapolis, ACE offers more than 80 innovative and engaging programs for adult students to pursue a doctorate, specialist, master’s or bachelor’s degree, along with micro-credentials and graduate-level certificate programs. In addition to being a leader in online education, ACE is a Certified B Corporation. Certified B Corporations are leaders of a global movement to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

About ZSchool

Zschool partners with major colleges and universities to offer intensive college level certificate programs for professionals. These programs allow for industry thought leaders and top academic faculty to impart current subject matter expertise to students participating in the programs. Zschool programs are self-paced with rolling admissions. Currently there are over 50 running programs online with thousands of registered students. The programs focus on some of the most in-demand subjects such as: Digital Marketing, Women in Leadership, Customer Experience and Transformative Leadership all taught by experts and industry leaders.

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