ACE Graduates Exceed Average Pass Rates in Licensure-Approved States


March 09, 2021

Christine Dickson

Christine Dickson

Content Marketing Manager

INDIANAPOLIS – American College of Education’s 2020 graduate licensure exam pass rates exceeded the average in all states where the college is approved for licensure programs and has graduates, ACE announced on Monday.

“We are so proud of the achievements of our graduates,” ACE President Dr. Shawntel Landry said. “These outstanding numbers reflect the academic rigor of our programs and the expertise of our faculty. The results vividly illustrate that ACE graduates are prepared to serve, lead and achieve wherever their careers take them.”

According to data provided by each state, ACE graduates’ pass rates were:

  • Indiana Principal Licensure: 96 percent; State average 85 percent
  • Ohio Principal Licensure: 93 percent; State average 86 percent
  • Florida Principal Licensure: 91 percent; State average 84 percent 
  • Texas Principal Licensure: 83 percent; State average 82 percent
  • Indiana Elementary Licensure: 100 percent; State average 89 percent
  • Indiana Secondary Licensure: 97 percent; State average 94 percent

ACE also is approved for principal and elementary licensure in Arizona but does not yet have graduates from those programs.

The pass rates complement other leading indicators for ACE, including a 100 percent satisfaction rate for bachelor’s degree students and 91 percent satisfaction among master’s students. In addition, 97 percent of ACE students indicate their professional skills have been improved by enrolling at ACE, and an 88 percent employer satisfaction rate for job performance of ACE graduates.

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