Marianne Schmeling

Vice President of Field Operations & Partnerships, Healthcare United States

Marianne Schmeling

About Marianne

Locations: USA

My passion for serving in the healthcare arena has led me to support the healthcare professionals that help and serve others. I have been working with professional adult healthcare learners for over 15 years. I help identify pathways and courses that align with today’s healthcare needs, while striving to keep education affordable and equitable. I am committed to supporting education that improves patient healthcare outcomes.

If you live outside of USA, email [email protected] to get in touch with your representative.

Mutually beneficial collaborations

Whether you’re an instructor hoping to earn a degree without breaking the bank or an administrator wanting to provide affordable, high-quality education for your faculty and staff, you can benefit from an American College of Education (ACE) partnership.

Ready to learn how your organization can become an ACE partner? Schedule a meeting with me here.

Partnership benefits for faculty and staff include:

  • Grants for our already affordable online programs
  • Free information sessions and webinars for professional development
  • Initiative sponsorship through donations, contests and events
  • A dedicated website for easy access to benefits
  • Lower education reimbursement costs for organizations offering employee tuition benefits

Partnership Grants*

ACE partners with hundreds of organizations, school districts and community colleges
and offers a partnership grant to the populations they serve.

Program of InterestRSN to MSNDoctoralMasterBachelor’sCertificate/Micro-Credential
Standard Tuition Per Credit Hour$355$306$235$215$235

*Masters cost statement does not apply to RN to MSN, BSN to MSN,MAT, EBA MHA or MBA. in Social Impact. Details can be found here.

Why Enroll at ACE?


ACE is the leader in low-cost education. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be completed for less than $10,000 and doctoral degrees for less than $24,000**.

High Quality

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is #3 in the nation for most master’s degrees awarded in education***.


Some of ACE degrees can be completed in less than a year through flexible online courses that are compatible with busy schedules.

**This is an estimated value of the cost for tuition and fees. Amounts may vary depending on number of transfer credits applied to the selected program hours or program pathway credit hours, the pace and satisfactory completion of the selected program or program pathway credit hours, receipt of, or eligibility for, institutional or non-institutional scholarship and/or grant amounts, and adjustments to tuition or fees as described in the Catalog Right to Modify Tuition section. Masters cost statement does not apply to RN to MSN, BSN to MSN,MAT, EBA or MBA in Social Impact. Details can be found here.


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