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Advance Your Career
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What’s the next stop on your career journey? Whether it’s a single course or an advanced degree, the Teaching Channel and ACE partnership helps you achieve your goals.

As an accredited institution , ACE offers fully online programs for working professionals who want a quality education at industry-low prices. Teaching Channel graduate credit courses have been approved by ACE faculty, ensuring graduate-level learning. Plus, Teaching Channel course completers can seamlessly transfer up to nine credits toward select M.Ed. and Ed.D. programs at ACE, saving you time and money.

When educators like you become students of Teaching Channel and ACE, we deliver on your high expectations. We understand the unique needs of teachers, principals and administrators, especially because many of our team members have held these jobs themselves. Our coursework addresses evolving needs by integrating the latest technology and evidence-based research. Plus, we’ve designed our courses to be applicable right away — what you learn through Teaching Channel and ACE today can be applied on the job tomorrow.

Request Your Transcript

Request your ACE transcript for completed Teaching Channel course(s). 

Thank you for choosing ACE to transcribe your Teaching Channel course. If you’ve received notification that your grade has been posted and is available for transcript, head to the link below to complete your transcript request. Once you’ve submitted your payment, you will receive an ACE transcript reflecting your Teaching Channel course and grade. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact [email protected].

Transfer your Teaching Channel courses

Apply Teaching Channel courses towards an advanced degree with ACE

ACE Master’s and Doctoral degree programs start throughout the year, so you can begin when the time is right for you. Contact an enrollment counselor via Live Chat at ace.edu, call (800) 280-0307, or use the Request Info button below. Take the next step to advance your career today!

Credit Pathways to an Advanced Degree
with ACE & Teaching Channel

ACE Program of Interest Total Credits Transfer Credits from Teaching Channel Credits Remaining Total Cost of Program Time to Completion
M.Ed. in Advanced Studies 34 9 25 $7,025 12-24 Months
M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction
M.Ed. in Educational Technology
M.Ed. in Elementary Education
M.Ed. in Special Education
M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum 31 9 22 $6,200
M.Ed. Teacher Leadership 31 6 25 $7,025
Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction 64 9 55 $20,775 EST Time to Completion 3 years
Ed.D. in Leadership
Ed.D. in Instructional Technology
Ed.D. in Second Language Instruction
Ed.D. in Special Education
Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education
Completed Teaching Channel coursework will be applied to specific programs as credits toward a general track focus of study or to fulfill elective requirements. Individual cost may vary based on program selection, transfer credit acceptance, satisfactory academic progress, or receipt of individual scholarship or grant funds

An ACE Advanced Degree

Completion Time

Our accelerated degree completion programs will help get you there faster.


Most if not all successfully completed eligible credits from regionally accredited colleges transfer to ACE.


Our high-quality programs are created with your budget in mind. Get the top-tier instruction you deserve without the financial worry you’d expect.

Empowered by our students.

Students are at the core of all the decisions we make at ACE. Learn more about what our students are saying about ACE.

Kelly Young

Kelly Young

M.Ed. in Educational Technology

“You should enroll at ACE because the program is designed for working professionals. The calendar and coursework is predictable allowing students to manage all of their responsibilities and coursework.”

Syncia Sama

Syncia Sama

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

“I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to further their education in any field. The flexibility is what makes it suitable for anyone who is working a full-time job or busy with other responsibilities. The cost is very reasonable as well, and did not break my pockets at all!”

Nate Failing

Nate Failing

Ed.D in Leadership

“I really appreciated the structure of each class. They all had the same general structure, so it made it easier to adapt to each class, each term. Plus, as a father, working a full-time job, I was able to do the work when the kids when to bed. So I never missed time with them.”

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