M.Ed. in Social Science Education



    12 Jun, 2023

    16 Months



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M.Ed. in Social Science Education

The M.Ed. in Social Science Education program is designed for those teaching at the secondary or college level in the field of social science, and this coursework is crafted to integrate content and enhance teaching strategies. The coursework explores the range of issues related to human interaction and learning within a societal context, exploring sociology, psychology, human development, and human relationships. Utilizing evidence-based research, learners investigate historical contexts, theories, standards, and frameworks which have shaped current understanding of human engagement as a foundation for creating learning environments, assessment options, and developing intellectual processes for lifelong learning. The program pursues ways information is designed, displayed, and delivered to impact behavior from various perspectives. By generating critical analysis skills, learners examine the rationale and emergent patterns beneath issues, tracing the cause and effect of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical elements to blend creativity with the practical. Attention is given to strategies to support personal change in thinking, reasoning, and decision making as they influence content, community, and cultural aspects of society.

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Total Cost M.Ed. in Social Science Education

Total Tuition

34 semester credits x $235 per credit



$50 Application Fee
$100 Conferral Fee
$1360 Technology and Library Fee
(34 Semester Credits X $40 per Credit)


Total Program Cost


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Program Details


Focus of Study

Start Dates

With flexible start dates, you can begin your program when it’s best for you.

12 Jun, 2023 Term

09 Jun, 2023

Payment Due

09 Jun, 2023

Application Due

12 Jun, 2023

Term Start

16 Jun, 2023

Unregister/Cancel Deadline

30 Jul, 2023

Term End

10 Jul, 2023 Term

21 Aug, 2023 Term

11 Sep, 2023 Term

02 Oct, 2023 Term

13 Nov, 2023 Term


Here are just some of the courses you’ll take when working towards this program. Visit the College Catalog to see all courses.


Cognition and Critical Thinking

3 Semester Credits


Design of Learning Environments

3 Semester Credits


Capstone Experience for Professional Education Studies

1 Semester Credits


Research Methods

3 Semester Credits


Issues in Sociology

3 Semester Credits


The Influence of Culture

3 Semester Credits


Theories, Constructs, and Sociology Research

3 Semester Credits


Individuals, Social Groups, and Interactions

3 Semester Credits


Social Stratification, Deviance, and Social Order

3 Semester Credits


Collective Behavior, Social Movements, and Societal Change

3 Semester Credits


Online Learning and Teaching

3 Semester Credits


Creating Online Collaboration and Communities

3 Semester Credits

Admission Requirements

ACE General Admission Requirements

Program Admission Requirements

International Transcript Requirements

English as a Second Language Applicants

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