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Ed.D. in Leadership

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 1 Term 1

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RES6013 Research Methods

Students will examine foundations of research design, data collection, analysis, and presentation. Students will assess ethics of educational research and reporting.

LEAD6133 Models of Leadership and Coaching

Students will evaluate and compare different leadership and coaching models and determine appropriateness for diverse settings.

RES6011 Research Tool: APA & Bibliographic Software (1 semester credit)

Students in this course will employ APA format for manuscripts and citations and compare bibliographic software for organizing references.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 1 Term 2

LEAD6183 Grant Writing for Leaders

Students will analyze funding sources and the process of applying for funds from an organization or agency. Students will develop and critique requests for proposals.

LEAD6163 Management of Human Capital

The course emphasizes principles and practices of personnel administration, including recruitment, selection, evaluation, staff development, and employee relations. Students will evaluate best practices for working with volunteer boards, advisory councils, and external stakeholders.

RES6021 Research Tool: Creating and Analyzing Measures (1 semester credit)

Students will assess existing measures of performance and effectiveness. Students will create sample online surveys for data collection, as well as examine and analyze survey results. Issues associated with the development of valid measures, interviews, questionnaires, and surveys will be addressed.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 1 Term 3

RES6003 Applied Statistics

Students will examine topics associated with statistics including parametric and non-parametric tests, hypothesis formation, frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, inferential statistics, and correlation. Emphasis will be placed on the selection of appropriate statistical techniques. Students will conduct and interpret statistical analysis using SPSS.

LEAD6113 Ethical Leadership and Social Justice

The course focus is on theory, research, and practices related to ethical administration. Students will assess ethical decision making and implications for policy.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 1 Term 4

LEAD6103 Evidence-based Learning and Teaching

Students will design, implement, and assess evidence-based teaching strategies appropriate for the online course room. Students will demonstrate best practices for effective online teaching through course activities.

LEAD6123 Management of Financial Resources

Students will examine principles and concepts of finance at local, state, federal, and international levels; strategies for maximizing and obtaining financial resources, and economic issues of the third sector.

SEM6601 Doctoral Seminar I (1 semester credit)

Students will present a summary of an emerging real-world issue and engage in peer reviews.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 2 Term 1

LEAD6143 Strategic Operations Planning and Innovation

Students will design, develop, and implement models of strategic planning that exhibit innovation.

LEAD6153 Policy and Governance

Students will analyze specific current and future public policies and conduct policy impact analyses. Students will evaluate best practices for working with local school councils, volunteer boards, advisory councils, and external stakeholders.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 2 Term 2

RES6023 Quantitative Research Designs

Students will compare quantitative research designs and applications. Students will interpret quantitative data and choose appropriate presentations for results.

LEAD6173 Global Perspectives

Students will model and promote responsible global citizenship. Culturally relevant pedagogy will be examined and critiqued.

RES6031 Research Tool: Information Display Strategies (1 semester credit)

Students will design appropriate strategies to present research results, including charts, tables, graphs, and summaries.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 2 Term 3

RES6033 Qualitative Research Designs

Students will compare qualitative research designs and application to real-world issues. Topics include data collection and analysis, as well as ethical issues in qualitative research.

Emphasis A:

ORG6213 Emerging Technology in Organizations

Students will design, implement, and assess examples of programs that apply emerging technology. The course will focus on issues associated with the interface of technology and people.

Emphasis B:

TECH6303 Online Learning and Teaching

Students will compare theories of teaching and learning with applications to online instruction. Content includes emerging technology and use of Open Educational Resources.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 2 Term 4

SEM6611 Doctoral Seminar II (1 semester credit)

Students will compare criteria for professional presentations and submit an abstract appropriate for presentation at a state or national conference.

Emphasis A:

ORG6233 Organizational Behavior and Culture

Students will recognize structure, values, and motivations within organizations.

Emphasis B:

TECH6313 Creating Online Collaboration and Communities

Students will critique research on social presence and best practices for connecting online with students or colleagues, as well as best practices for social media use within education organizations.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 3 Term 1

SEM6621 Doctoral Seminar III (1 semester credit)

Students will analyze an issue, demonstrating academic writing, and submit an article draft for peer review.

Emphasis A:

ORG6223 Communications and Advocacy for Leaders

This course provides a comprehensive view of advocacy strategies including polling, research, lobbying, and communicating with the media and stakeholders. Students will evaluate communication and best practices for nonprofit and education advocates working in the public policy process.

Emphasis B:

TECH6323 Designing Courses and Programs

Students will implement and assess the concepts of Universal Design for accessible online courses and compare models of instructional design.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 3 Term 2

Emphasis A:

ORG6203 Partnerships and Community

Students will analyze theories of collaboration, especially as applied to educational and community organizations. Students will propose partnership models for an educational or community organization.

Emphasis B:

TECH6333 Online Teaching and Assessment

Students will demonstrate effective online teaching and assessment; analyze and compare Learning Management Systems; and advocate for professional organizations which provide continuing development for online educators.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 3 Term 3

RES6903 Dissertation I

Students will develop and present research proposal under supervision of faculty advisor. May be repeated.

Ed.D. Plan of Study Year 3 Term 4

RES6913 Dissertation II

Students will prepare and deliver final presentations of their research project. May be repeated.