Migration FAQs

When do we start using this new learning management system?

All students will access courses through Canvas beginning with the June 3 term. (Exceptions: CI 573; Professional Development Louisa Moats 2; Professional Development Louisa Moats 3) You can begin to practice now by visiting Student Commons and by taking your non-credit Practice Orientation course. Practice Orientation courses have a faculty monitor to help you learn how to navigate Canvas.

Is there a hands-on training practice run before the course?

You can review the archived webinar from May 14, 2013 for Canvas Training. You can also visit the Practice Orientation course in Canvas for more hands-on practice.

I only have one course left, do I have to move to Canvas?

Yes. The entire College is migrating, so we must have all of our students working in the same platform.

Accessing Canvas

How to Login to Canvas:
Canvas URL: https://ace.instructure.com/login
Email: Email associated with ACE Password: Student ID number (located in MyACE portal)
You can also visit the ACE website for the Canvas link

What’s my password?

Your password is your Student ID number. Your Student ID number is located in your MyACE portal.

Where do I find my Student ID number?

You Student ID number is located in MyACE portal.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, visit your settings tab in the upper right hand corner of the Canvas Dashboard. View step-by-step guide

Browsers & Mobile Devices

What browsers are best to use with Canvas?

Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use with Canvas, but others browsers work too!

Can I access Canvas on a mobile device?

Yes. We suggest using the browser on your mobile device, but Canvas does have an App. The Chrome browser works well on Apple products.

Canvas Notifications

How do I change the notifications?

To change your notifications, visit the settings tab in the upper right hand corner of the Canvas Dashboard. View step-by-step guide

Course Structure

Are the courses in Canvas still 5 weeks long?


Do the modules represent weeks? Does Module 1=Week 1?

Yes, when you see Module 1 in Canvas, this is equal to Week 1 in Canvas. The structure of the Canvas courses is the same as it was in your Epic courses.

Will there be a change in the syllabus and requirements for each course, or will the content and requirements remain the same with only a switch from Epic to Canvas for the delivery?

For the most part, the syllabus and requirements will remain the same. You may see some additional course work due to credit conversion from quarter to semester credit. To learn more about this, view the Quarter to Semester Conversion Guide

Course Navigation

Can I jump from one module to another? Can I go directly to a page in a module?

Yes. While you may use the Next button on the bottom of each screen to move through the module to navigate through the course, you can also jump directly to a specific page by clicking the Modules link and select the title from the module list.

Can I print quizzes? Can I print lecture notes?

Yes. To print quizzes, open the quiz up and hit CTRL + P to print. To print lecture notes, open the pdf files below the videos and print.

Is there still a reference section like we have now?

Yes. Click on modules, scroll to the very bottom, and you will see a module with resources.

Will transcripts available for the videos?

Yes. The transcripts are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files located on the same page as the video presentation for students to review.

Do we still have to search for readings or will they automatically pop up?

Yes. You still have to search for the readings in the course. As a graduate student, it is important for you to learn how to navigate the library. Click the tutorials about how to navigate the library located on the front page of your course to learn more about the library navigation.

Due Dates

It appears that students can send work in after 11:59. In Epic, assignments were not allowed to be submitted late. Is my understanding of this correct? I do know that tests and quizzes still need to be completed on time.

Consult your syllabus for due dates. It is ACE policy for students to submit coursework by 11:59 in their time zone. Canvas is set up a Eastern time, therefore, if you turn in an assignment at 11:59 PT, it will show up LATE in Canvas. You will not be marked down because it is 11:59 in PT which we recognize as the same as 2:59AM ET.

Are the due dates the same as what we have now? Are discussions still due Wednesday? Assignments due Sunday, etc.?

Yes. Always review your syllabus to identify the due dates. Bridge and doctoral courses may have different due dates.


How do I turn in an assignment?

View the following guides for step-by-step directions:

Can I revise an assignment after uploading it?

Yes, you can revise an assignment by clicking on the re-submit button located on the right hand side of the screen after you click on the assignment you would like to re-submit.

How can I tell when something has been submitted?

You can tell you have submitted something when you click on the assignment and see the words, Turned In! View step-by-step guide

Will there be green check marks when a submission has been made?

No. Instead, you will see an icon that looks like notebook paper under Grades. You will also see a notice on the right side of the assignment screen that says Turned In!

Capstone/Portfolio Access and Submissions

Where will I submit my capstone?

All Capstones are submitted to Taskstream

I’ve been using Epic for Capstone. What should I use now?

All students should be working in Taskstream now for portfolios. For more information about TaskStream, visit Student Commons, Capstone & Portfolio section

How do we transfer papers from Epic to our capstone?

You will need to download files from Epic and upload them to TaskStream. For more information about TaskStream, visit Student Commons, Capstone & Portfolio section

When will our Capstone course be ready to use to move over and update assignments?

Capstones are available now in Taskstream. For more information about TaskStream, visit Student Commons, Capstone & Portfolio section

I've submitted some of my Portfolio work in Epic. Do I just pick up where I left off in Canvas?

Portfolio work should be submitted to TaskStream. You will need to upload any documents in Epic to Taskstream.

Communication with Instructors

Is Canvas going to be better in terms of facilitating communications between professors and students instead of having to use personal email as we did in Epic?

Yes. You can access your inbox in the upper right hand corner of your Canvas Dashboard by clicking Inbox. Alternatively, click the Help button in the upper right hand corner. Select Ask your instructor a question. Select the course and type your question directly into this spot.

How will I be able to tell who my instructor is?

By clicking Instructor Studio, located on the front page in each course, you will be able to locate your professor’s ACE email address.

Discussion Boards

Can you still copy and paste when you post on the discussion board?


Epic Access

How long will I have access to Epic courses?

You will have access to your Epic courses through December 2013.

Any and all course content (videos, notes, submissions, etc) in Epic in the past will not transfer over to Canvas, correct?

No. Work that you completed in Epic will remain in Epic. It will not transfer to Canvas.

Will Epic courses be accessible from Canvas?

No, you will need to login to Epic to view your past courses. We will not be moving your coursework from Epic over to Canvas. Login from ACE website.

Login from the ACE website

Will I be able to view my old grades for my courses?

Yes. You can access final grades for all courses through the MyAce Portal.

If we only have access to Epic until December, how are we supposed to access our Capstone artifacts in Epic after that?

It is always best practice to save your personal work on your computer. If you will need information from Epic after December 2013, go in and save your artifacts well in advance of the deadline on December 31, 2013.

Peer Review Assignments

What is a peer-review assignment?

A peer-review assignment enables students to comment on others’ submitted assignments. View step-by-step guide


Do I have to submit to TurnItIn or register for my course?

No additional steps will be needed for TurnItIn. You only need to submit your assignment within your Canvas course. Canvas will automatically submit your assignment to TurnItIn within your course. Make sure that you submit your assignment in the course before uploading it into your Capstone Portfolio in Taskstream.

When can I see my TurnItIn score?

You can see your TurnItIn score within 20 minutes to 1 hour. The amount of time it takes for you to see your TurnItIn score will depend on the amount of load time TurnItIn has on their server.

Do I have to wait 24 hours for my initial TurnItIn score?

Not necessarily. The initial score depends on the current TurnItIn load, so we recommend early submission.

Where do we find the TurnItIn (percentage) report?

To review your TurnItIn score, click on grades. Click on the assignment you wish to review the TurnItIn score. View step-by-step guide

Canvas Help

What happens if I need more help in Canvas?

For more help in learning Canvas, click on the Help button on the upper right hand corner of the Canvas Dashboard and select Search the Canvas Guides.